Buffered.link CLI Docs

This documentation contains information about how to set up and use the Buffered.link CLI.
These intructions assume you are on a windows operating system but should be similar for other operating systems.

Download and Set Up

  • First download the official binary from the releases page on Github.
  • Put the binary in a directory of your choice.
  • You then have to add this directory to path environment variable.
  • Make sure to rename the binary to bfdl for convenience.
  • Open a new terminal session and type bfdl.
    If the binary was correctly added, you should see a help text.
  • Now we need to add your credentials. Open the app and settings.
  • On your computer, create a new environment variable called BFL_SECRET.
    This will hold your credentials.
  • In your settings, the first short string is your secret and the second represents your public key.
    Together they form your keypair.
  • You are going to set the value of the newly created BFL_SECRET to hold your keypair in the form secret,publicKey
  • Notice there are no spaces after the comma and the order matters.
  • Next we need to set up the URL where the API lives.
  • Create a new environment variable named BFL_SERVICE and set its value to https://buffered.link/api

Using the CLI

  • To upload a new text file, run
    bfdl buffer file.txt 

    Replace file.txt with your actual file. It could also be a source file.
    Uploading a new file returns its ID which can later be used.
  • Refresh a buffer with
    bfdl refresh buffer-id

    Replace buffer-id with the actual ID.
  • To get a buffer, run
    bfdl get buffer-id file.txt

    This will get a buffer with id buffer-id and write its content to file.txt